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Hello and welcome to FNAGB (Five Nights At Genderbent's)!
This group is centered around people who enjoy or like the various genderbent versions of animatronics/characters from FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) the game; whether it be in roleplay, cosplay, fanart, fanfiction, asks, or concept designs! All genderbent versions of characters/animatronics are accepted! (Except the purple guy / the pink guy / the murder) Besides that rules will be on group’s home page, have fun! :) ( also a place for fanart of the regular ladies in games.)
(now accepting fangame genderbent characters)
(gallery folder rules are pending)
Founded 2 Years ago
May 1, 2015


Group Focus
Fan Club

109 Members
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Current Rules:

1. No art genderbent or otherwise (unless it's in a meme or comic strip) is allowed of the purple guy / pink guy / the murder whether he is the main focus character or in the background of the artwork or literature submitted.

2. Any members artwork or literature that they wish to submit if unrelated to genderbents or the ladies should be submitted to the 'members-nonrelated artwork' folder, or I will decline / remove it.

3. Any submissions that are submitted to the incorrect folder will be declined or removed.
(If there is not a folder made yet for the animatronic or subject notify me and I will make one as soon as I am able.)

4.Be civil to each other; no shipping, gender or theory wars here about the characters / animatronics, take that elsewhere.

5. I do not tolerate bullying; you will be removed from the group if I am notified of such activity towards any member.

6. We accept any and all pairings, so long as the ladies (mangle, chica, withered chica and toy chica) or a gender bent character is involved (with the exception of the purple guy / the pink guy / the murder.) in the artwork or literature submitted.

7. This isn't so much a rule as a warning: This is NOT a place for purple guy / pink guy / the murderer fanatics.
Please go somewhere else to discuss your 'devotion' and 'love' for the character.

If you cannot accept these rules set out or cannot follow the rules stated above, please leave.
Otherwise, feel free to join! :)

If any members have any suggestions for new rules to be added, please note me, I will consider them. :)



Mature Content

Stockholm Syndrome (NSFW) by KJMusicalx
Five Nights at Freddy's Keyrings by Dark-Merchant
Little Mangle by Naruto-No-Dobe
The Staff and Nightguards
The FNAF 4 Gang
Nightmare (?) Chica by CoksTheDragon
Nightmare Chica by CryShade
Nightmare Chica (Was it me?) by C-a-t-P-a-w
It's Purple by TheRealROACH3467
The FNAF 3 Gang
Springtrap by Naruto-No-Dobe
Just Gold by en-wakwaw
The FNAF 2 Gang
Puppet by Naruto-No-Dobe
male puppet by Naruto-No-Dobe
Chica The chicken by SemaBluezero
The Puppet by St-El
The FNAF 1 Gang
security FNAF by Naruto-No-Dobe
NO BONNIE NOOOOO!!!! by ToLoveFurry
FNAF: Foxy and Chicha by Burning-Wolf-Promise
The 'Movie' Gang
Cosplay and Concepts
Character that dont exist by YugiTatsu
Foxy and Mangle by Naruto-No-Dobe
mama's comfort by MamaMangle
Dance of the Sexy Chicken by Nictrain123
NSFW content
5 nights at freddy's - Foxy [Fan Art] by AlphaMoonlight
The Girls
Toy Chica and Chica by Naruto-No-Dobe
non-genderbent with genderbent.
Happy nightmares! by xNIR0x

Gallery Folders

Sittin Pretty (Chica SFM Wallpaper) by gold94chica
People seem to forget about Rule 63 by Infernox-Ratchet
FNAF 4 Gang
Swap of clothes~ by MissyDash19
-collab- Double Fredbear! by en-wakwaw
Frederine by Heruine
Missy's Fredbear-chan~ by Rass-Chan-Black
FNAF 3 Gang
GoldTrap: Sisters Figure by NightWitch14
[MMD x FNAF] Don't Judge Challange by NightWitch14
Golden Sisters by MMDMotionsAndPoses
[MMD x FNAF] .: Shattered Souls :. by bluepixie02
[MMD+FnaF] W.I.P. (fem!) Plushtrap by MissSally13
Spring Bonnie by Bgm94
Human!Fem!Springtrap by Mimitori145
The Phantoms
[MMD xFNAF] FNAF3 model pack dl by RubyRain19
5 Nights - Phantom Francine's Conga by PlayboyVampire
phantom chica~ by en-wakwaw
The Staff and Nightguards
FNAF 2 Gang
Fnaf Female by LonelyHeartApplaud
Cupcake Sisters + DL [+50 watchers gift] by Darkivralii666
Male Chicks! by MMDxMASHUP
T W I N S by ChocoFunduk
Toy Bonnie
-art trade- Toy Bonnie~ by en-wakwaw
(FemaleToyBonnie) by rozenpandachan
Human Toy Bonnie by K1w1sw33t
Toy Freddy
Red Lipstick by Heruine
Human Toy Freddy by K1w1sw33t
[MMDxFNAF2] TDA Toy Freddy DL LINK MOVED by MiyukiOhayashi
Berri by Tri-Falls
Toy Chica
Male Toy Chica! by en-wakwaw
MMD Circus Camera DL by RubyRain19
BB and JJ
The Puppet
[MMD x FNAF] Prize Corner by RubyRain19
The S. and W. Animatronics
Withered Chica in Cam 04 (SFM Remake) by gold94chica
FNAF 1 Gang
The Stoic Hardass: Ms Frederika Fazbear(booty)(4K) by Infernox-Ratchet
Five Nights at Freddy's bonnie humanized by APZZANG
Male!Chica and male!Cupcake by Sophia62134
.:Foxy the Pirate Fox:. by External-Z
OC Characters
Nightmare gold94chica by gold94chica
AUs and Asks
ask/dare to the crew. Dare 5 [ Love is here ] by Aunty-chick
Cosplay and Roleplay
Marionette Make Up Practice by Kittylover9399
Group and FNAF News
FNAF Sister Location Custom Night Teaser by Cooldud111
Comics and Concepts

Mature Content

Slender Fortress Prequel #3: A little excuse by Infernox-Ratchet
Crossover art,pics.stories, etc.
[TF2/FNAF SFM]Slender Fortress - Sha of Fear by Infernox-Ratchet
FNAF Pairings
REST WELL by AnNeko7
NSFW Content

Mature Content

Ship Comic: Seven minutes in Heaven page 3 by HTF-ADTI-MLP100606
All fnaf ships in real life (w/ security guards) by eyeofpeace
The Girls FNAF 1, 2, 3 and 4
[FNAF SFM]They're judging you by Infernox-Ratchet
FNAF 'Movie'
FNAF Movie - C Is For Crush by Cooldud111
nongenderbent with genderbent
Withered Bonnie X Withered Bonnita by Metaknighta
members-nonrelated artwork
[MMD x FNAF SL] Ruby's Old TDA Ballora Model dl by RubyRain19
The fangame characters
The 'FNAF world' game characters
Sister location characters
ive come back. sorry for leaving. but im checking on group only once or twice a week, so send everything again you want in group since i've been absent.  if your new and have a question, look in comments section on homepage, or in group info/general rules entry on homepage.
Hello everyone! im terribly sorry for being away for so long but i really don't have time for this site anymore with work, im probably going to be on hiatus/inactive indefinitely on this goodbye everyone.
was nice talking and getting to know all of you...
before i shut everything down on this account, im going to transfer management to someone in the group before i go (hopefully within the next three or so weeks), so the group can still be enjoyed by everyone here and in the fandom.
whoever wants to be promoted to take over either note me or message my page so i can do so.
Have a wonderful day everyone. :)
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Metaknighta Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Where should I put this: [Gift] The foxes at your service~
It's not NSFW and yes, it is a genderbender of the sexy models. So genderbend genderbender.
bloodymind49 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
in the non genderbent with genderbent folder.. sorry took awhile to get to you.
Metaknighta Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Could you explain? XD

It's basicly the genderbend sexy models which I turned into male versions.
Genderbend genderbender
bloodymind49 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
wait.. no. christ im tired.
goes in  'members-non related artwork' folder. 
sorry, havent slept in a couple days Sweating a little... 
(1 Reply)
Metaknighta Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question...we are a GENDERBENDER FNaF group right?
Why are the most deviations here not genderbender related?
bloodymind49 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, we are a genderbent group, but i made folders for creations that are not related to the group's focus so a member's art/craft can still be seen by others and shown; made rules for the non-related folders and the genderbent folders in that regard..they're on the group's home page, if you want to read them.
as for why recent flood of things that aren't all genderbent, we are also a group for the fnaf ladies in the games (chica, toy chica, withered chica and mangle); until a gender is confirmed for the animatronic mangle (i believe scott had hinted mangle was a transgendered character on steam, but im not completely sure..) or any other animatronics without a confirmed gender they will be included in the group depicted as either gender until confirmation occurs.
do you have any problems with this, suggestions or ideas? as of now, im trying to expand so we will include most popular fangames genderbent character artworks as well.
im also going to be gone for little awhile, so i won't be around much to regulate or respond to any further questions or discussions on DA/ FNAGB, my apologizes for this. 
Metaknighta Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh... I see.
bloodypath32 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I accidentally click on "No" about the permission submission thingy! (May try again?) :"   
bloodymind49 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, just submit it yourself, again.
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